Sell Bigger Packages And Get The Right New Clients

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We help you get the RIGHT new clients in the doors, create bigger packages, and sell bigger $1,500-$15,000 packages.

Every Office Needs This Proven 4 Step Process to Grow:

Implement the "Patients On Demand" System

Get The Right Clients In The Doors

Finally get a steady flow of the right clients through your doors (without needing to spend thousands on paid marketing and advertising)!

Charge More: Create And Sell Bigger Packages

Confidently create and sell bigger packages worth $1,500-$15,000…STOP being afraid to charge what you’re worth (even if you don’t have super-expensive machines)….

Keep Clients Coming Back

Offer memberships, up-sells, cross-sells, and continuity packages that keep clients coming back every month! Never worry about filling the calendar again!

Get Professional 1:1 And Group Coaching

Our team of professional Salon, Spa and Clinic owners manage clinics doing $80,000-$250,000 in Sales every month, and are here to help you every step of the way!

We don't just show you the path.
We're with you every step of the way.

Growing your clinic shouldn't be challenging. With the right training, systems, and resources it's time to take back full control of your clinic and your life!

Real Clients | Real Practices | Real Results

Let our clients speak for themselves.

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We signed up with Brett and have seriously gotten a 5 times return on our investment which I have never gotten in business… and I’ve been in business a long time…”

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“Less than a week ago I had 0 appointments on the calendar. This week I now have 15 people on the schedule and I sold a 10-pack session already”

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“Just in the first two weeks of joining the program has totally changed our outlook as a small business and what we see as our ability to do in the near future. We’ve already had 21 patients in the door with 18 more scheduled with a credit card on file so we know they will show up.”

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“When we re-opened I was completely booked and I had 10 people through the door almost every day and 8 of those were all from Patient Rhino bringing in roughly $30,000.”

How Can Patient Rhino Change Your Business and Your Life?

Can you imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have to constantly chase and track down wondering where your next clients are going to come from?

Can you imagine a world where your customers not only spent more the first time they came to you but they came again and again and again?

How would this not only change your life and the business for the better? 

How would it feel to finally get your message out so you and your team can finally serve more people in your local community in order to look and feel their absolute best as more individuals start raving about your company.

This is Where We Transformed The Game!

We’ve been unveiling the secrets that have helped medical clinics and salons take back their life and get the business you’ve always dreamed of. 

Our proven strategies have helped multiply clinics in order to attract the right clients while empowering a team to handle the follow-up, consults, and sales just as good if not better than you can so your business can continue to grow even while you’re not there. 

We provide the tools so your team can communicate what your client actually wants to hear in order for the sales to flow naturally based off their needs, desires and goals allowing you to help more people.

Our Growth Partners

More Practices ...
More Results ...

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“Patient Rhino has helped us level up, the process has been seamless from building and launching the ads to scheduling leads.”

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“If you’re looking to have a successful grand opening or event see what Linda had to say about the Patient Rhino team. In only five days, she got 100 RSVPs and a huge return on her marketing dollars.”

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“We just weren’t doing as good as we could. Patient Rhino has delivered that for us… We’ve had 80 people walk through our doors over the last 40 days with a very low no-show rate”

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“When my leads launched on Facebook, I had to call Brett in 2 days and ask him to shut it off. I’ve run ads before and I’ve never had that kind of traction”

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“Your events and campaigns have been unbelievable bringing 4-8X ROI bringing new people to our practice”

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“We’ve been using them for about 6 months now and seen tremendous growth in our patients”

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